Immigration Law

Our team of legal professionals work closely with immigrants, their employers, and families to navigate the complex U.S immigration laws.

How we can help you

       We have decades of experience working with immigrants, permanent residents, citizens and and their families as well as employers. We offer professional expertise in a wide variety of immigration matters including family petitions and visas, employment-based Green Cards, citizenship applications, asylum applications and deportation defense and appeals.

       In today's highly visible and contentious immigration environment, we will offer a candid and confidential assessment of your legal rights and opportunities.

Our Immigration legal services include:

  • Green Cards - Adjustment of Status
  • Labor Certifications (PERM) for Green Card through employment
  • Work Permits and Temporary Status
  • H-1B visas for professional employment
  • Business Visas
  • Deportation defense
  • Family petitions and Immigrant Visas
  • Asylum Applications
  • U.S Citizenship or Naturalization

Se Habla Espanol

We have native Spanish speakers in our office to assist our clients when needed.

A fluent Spanish speaking staff member is provided for meetings and telephone conferences whenever requested.

Certified translations of required documentation can be provided in-house.